The propose of the water meter on your property is to register the amount of water being used during your billing period. It can also be used to determine if you have a leak or not.

Bill Gauging

Bill-gauging is the sole function of the water meter, and by correctly analyzing your meter you can perhaps discover a plumbing leak. All water meters have a special pointer that makes a complete revolution for each cubic foot of water being consumed at any given moment. To measure the water being used to water the lawn, examine the meter and write down the number you see before turning the sprinkler on and again after your turn it off. The difference between the two read outs is the amount of water you have used on your lawn!

Convert Cubic Feet to Gallons

So you want to know how many gallons that read out number makes up? To convert cubic feet to gallons, simply multiply your readout number by 7.5 which is the number of gallons in one cubic foot!

Leak Tester

Say you’re wondering if you have a leak? When looking at your meter search for a small circler dial or pointer. First be sure all fixtures are turned off, including the fridge ice maker. Watch the pointer or dial for a few minutes. If everything is truly off, and the pointer is moving then it means there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

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