In 1948 James M. Chrones built a building located on McCully Street in Honolulu. The sewer pipes were originally installed in cast iron. Sixty Six years later, the pipes on the second floor needed replacement due to age. You might be wondering what is the difference between old cast iron and why do I need to spend time to replace if it’s deemed old.

Old Cast Iron

One problem with older cast iron is the wall thickness of the pipe is not consistent due to it being cast in a mold. Another problem with old cast iron piping is the inner walls wear down and rust blisters occur, causing the flow of water and waste to collect which lead to a backup in the plumbing line.

New Cast Iron

New cast iron piping is spun cast which means the walls are a consistent thickness and replacing the old cast iron with new piping will decrease your chance of getting rust blisters which lead to major back ups.

The Job

Point Plumbing was selected to replace the old corroded cast iron pipes with new cast iron piping. The cast icon Point Plumbing replaced had rust blisters and was clogging up the lines. Since the job was 25 feet off the ground, we had to hire a carpenter to build a platform that we could work safely and securely on with our tools and the heavy pipe. It was a team effort all the way and are proud to say that this landmark building no longer has the cast iron blues!

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Historic Building located in Honolulu Hawaii

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